What should I write in my card?

The chances are you’ve never written in a ‘Happy Father’s Day Card’ before. I normally keep mine pretty simple. Messages of thanks, appreciation, pride and big dollop of love. Maybe you could remind your Mum about the time you shaved half your eyebrows off and she told everyone your uncle did it, no? Just me then.

Do you do Mother’s Day cards for Dads?

The requests are already coming in, so all being well we will be making ‘Happy Mothers Day Dad’ cards for Mother’s Day 2018.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes we do. The cards are made in the U.K. so we have to use the British Post Office. Their international prices to send our card package are: Europe £2.55 America and Worldwide: £3.55.

We recommend you order early to give your card the best chance of reaching you in time for the big day.

Can I stock your cards?

Maybe. Drop an email to happyfathersday@gmail.com and we can chat.

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