Maria, Rolo and Stevie

Happy Father’s Day Mum was created by Stevie Rowing-Parker. After losing his Father aged 5, his strong, kind and beautiful Mum Maria raised Stevie and his brother Tim on her own. Growing up they never felt the disadvantages of having a ‘single Mum’. In fact, their Mum let them grow their hair (which was a brave look for a British lad in the 90’s) and support whichever football team they wanted. Luxuries their Father wouldn’t have allowed that helped make them the independent, free thinking and sensitive men they are today.

It’s safe to say Stevie and Tim are very proud of their Mum. A few years ago this huge pride was the beginning of an idea Stevie had one Father’s Day. He thought that if his Mum did both Mother and Father roles so well, why shouldn’t she get both Mother and Father’s Day cards? So he started to buy regular Father’s Day cards, cross out the Dad in ‘Best Dad in the world’ and scribble Mum instead.

The cards made Stevie’s Mum feel loved, proud and appreciated on a day that was normally underlined with sadness. After seeing what the cards did for his Mum, Stevie wanted to enable other children from single parent households to tell their parents just how proud they are on a day that normally makes them feel sad. And just like that Happy Father’s Day Mum (and Happy Mother’s Day Dad) was born. A card company on a mission to make single parents feel amazing on a day they’d least expect.

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