How long does postage take?

Cards are sent out Royal Mail 1st Class. Delivery averages from 1-4 days. Frustratingly Royal Mail in London seem to be the slowest to deliver cards. To ensure you get your card in time please order by Monday June 11th 2018.


Are the cards in shops?

The cards are stocked in Paperchase and Oliver Bonas flagship stores for 2018. If you’d like to stock the cards get in touch.


What should I write in my card?

The chances are you’ve never written in a ‘Happy Father’s Day Card’ before. I normally keep mine pretty simple. Messages of thanks, appreciation, pride and big dollop of love. Maybe you could remind your Mum about the time you shaved half your eyebrows off and she told everyone your uncle did it, no? Just me then.


Do you do Mother’s Day cards for Dads?

Yes. Happy Mother's Day Dad is coming for 2019.

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